Help for Veterans

Help for H M Forces veterans

When a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or SF Soldier leaves the services whether through ill health, injury or end of service it can come as a very big shock returning to civy street.

Everything you knew or had has suddenly vanished and you are left to fend for yourself in this alien world were no one gives a dam about where you’ve been or what you’ve seen or done for your country.

This is why so many Ex Forces personnel end up on the streets with no home to go to or work to find, and our WW 2 veterans can end up living in poverty alone except for the frequent nightmares of what they went through.

The MVT was contacted by Lisa Manners who came across the MVT website while doing research on the internet for help for her grandad who is a Veteran himself to put together a guide for Ex Forces Personnel to help them through the maze of Government and Charitys who can offer help, advice and asistance to all Ex Forces Veterans no matter how old you are or what war, conflict or service you did.

Lisa’s website can be found by clicking on this link

It is full of great contacts for virtualy everythink under the sun, but if you come across another great charity or resource which you think would be of use then please email the details to the website manager at

and I will pass them on to Lisa to include in her guide, the MVT is always proud to support our Veterans as a lot of our members are Veterans themselfs and we Honour them and their memory by restoring the Vehicles they used in service of our Country and other Countrys around the World.

A big thank you to Lisa for doing this from all our Ex Forces community.

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