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The MVT does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or content of the advertisements.
Please be careful and aware of potential scams when accepting payments for anything you have advertised on this page if you are suspicious of anything please check it out before giving out your financial details.

Please note.

As from the 2nd May 2017, a new UK law came into force prohibiting the sale of any firearm that has not been deactivated to the current UK Proof House / Home Office Technical standard. The new law does not affect possession of certificated firearms deactivated to prior standards, (which remain completely lawful to possess only), but prohibits the transfer by sale, swap, gifting or inheritance of pre April 2016 deactivated firearms without a new EU certificate. 

So all de-activated weapons offered for sale must be de-activated or modified to the new specifications and have a new EU Certificate (which has an EU flag on it).

Please also be aware of the New Firearms Regulations 2019 and the impact they have on the ownership of Deactivated Fireams.

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Items Wanted by Members

Jeep trailer Sway chains


Land Rover Lightweight or SWB Series military truck

Working US fuel can

J72 Junction Box

Wanted WW2 Willys MB/Ford GPW Jeep

WW2 Deactivated Firearms (to current legal standards) – G98, 1910 with original sling.

M201 Headlamp bulbs


Austin K2 engine parts

Wanted for Script Ford GPW Jeep Restoration

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