and why we need it.

Explained by Tim Hawkes.

With the increase of “no win, no fee” lawyers, we are more at risk of unwanted legal cases.  The Council of Management (CoM) has been aware of a gap in most members’ insurance cover that puts you at risk of unexpected and potentially large legal fees.

As a result of this possible risk, the need for Personal Public Liability Insurance (PPLI) is becoming increasingly important. This is why the MVT have taken the step to introduce such insurance to cover the membership.

Following a member request at the 2016 AGM, the CoM have searched for a policy that, when started, would cover every single member of the MVT immediately, and plug this gap in insurance cover, giving every member peace of mind when attending non MVT organised events on their own and when other MVT members are not present.This Personal Public Liability insurance fills that gap.

Previously when you arrived at an event and set up as an “exhibit” you were not covered.  Most mainstream motor insurance policies do not cover stationary vehicles at an event.  So should something happen, such as someone hurting themselves as a result of interacting with your exhibit, rightly or wrongly, you could be sued.

To cover this eventuality you would need Personal Public Liability Insurance, which is not the same as third party liability insurance which your motor insurance gives you. The MVT PPLI covers you for just such an incident.

Additionally, shows are now turning away members who do not have PPLI, and this will only increase. This insurance offers a significant enhancement to your membership benefits.

This insurance offer is a significant enhancement to your membership benefits, however like all things it comes at a cost.  However due to our large membership, we have managed to get this cover down to the lowest possible fee per member, which would not be achieved as an individual. To cover the PPLI and other administrative costs membership fees have increased to £35 for Single membership and £40 for Joint Membership. There has been no increase in Overseas Membership as the insurance is only valid for the UK.

The increase in Membership fees was introduced on the 3rd of July 2017 and the Personal Public Lialbility Insurance (PPLI) was introduced on the 1st of August 2017.

Important notice.

Members wishing to renew their membership must do so by the due date, which you are notified of on the cover sheet of your Windscreen magazine. This is to comply with the insurance requirement of there being current membership for the insurance to be valid.

If you do not renew on time you can re-apply for membership and the insurance cover will commence from the date of re-joining.

Renewal of membership cannot be back dated to the expiry date.

How to register to download your PPLI insurance document, please read the instructions below before going to the portal.

You will have received your documentation for the Personal Public Liability Insurance with the August issue of Windscreen magazine.

But what if you threw the address sheet away immediately on opening the sleeve?

Don’t worry you can get your own personal paperwork by following the link below to the Insurance Portal that has been set up by Graham Sykes Insurance brokers. Click here to go to the portal.

Firstly you will have to register on the site.

Your unique code is your MVT membership number. If you are a joint member then part of your unique number is the -J1 and -J2.

On your first visit you will need to click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ button, this will allow you to create a password. Once you have done that make a safe note of it somewhere.

Once logged on, click on your name on the top right hand side of the page and a drop down menu appears.

Select Insurance and you can download or print off your documents.

To contact us directly with any questions please e-mail

Additional information on PPLI insurance, please click on the link below to view the document.

PPLI information and guide sheet click here

PPLI fact or fiction click here

PPLI frequently asked questions click here