MVT Local Areas in the U.K.

Welcome to the Military Vehicle Trust, the oldest and largest military vehicle club in the world.

The MVT currently has nearly 6,000 members and rising, with members living all over the world.

In the U.K., the MVT runs a network of 33 local areas, (see interactive map below for a full list of areas and contact details). These areas are run by local MVT members for the purpose of offering support and advice, sharing information on and attending up and coming military vehicle shows, passing on information from the Council of Management and feeding back information to them. We also have Area Contacts in West Sussex, Scotland, Guernsey and Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Some areas organise road runs in their military vehicles, longer trips and tours, informative talks and fund raising activities to support veterans’ charities. Some even organise trips abroad.

As an MVT, member you can choose to affiliate ( join ) any area you like or choose not to affiliate to an area at all, If you affiliate to an area you can vote on any issues to do with its running or at that area’s AGM ( annual general meeting ). As an MVT member you can attend any area meeting you want, with the permission of that area’s Area Secretary. Affiliation is free and so is attendance at meetings. For a list of areas and Area Secretaries please use the interactive map below. To affiliate to the area of your choice you can do this using your online account through Sentinel.

The local area is run by the Area Secretary who organises the area’s activities and as long as a few rules and regulations (obligations arising from the trusts charitable status) are observed, areas can work to meet the local MVT members’ needs.

The Council of Management (CoM) greatly values the work of our areas, especially our Area Secretaries, and offer organisational and financial support to help areas thrive and new ones become established.

We have a dedicated Area Liaison Officer, Boyan Holmes, who looks after the areas and acts as a bridge between them and the Council of Management; she can be contacted at arealiaison@mvt.org.uk

Interactive Map of all MVT Areas in the U.K.

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