Clean Air Zones Legislation; a threat to our Hobby.

Latest update for the Manchester clean air zone by Steve Parker dated 12 March 2022

The latest situation as of March 2022, the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone is under review; all the signs showing a start date of 30 May 2022 are being covered up and now say under review.  The Private HGV discount we worked so hard for, and could have been applied for from the end of January 2022 has now been suspended as the system is under review. 

Apparently the ANPR cameras will be turned on at the original start date to quote “gather an updated view of the age of the current vehicles being used and traffic volume”.

This review has been brought about by the outcry from thousands of owners and businesses that will be badly affected by the scheme, and also the lack of new or used compliant vehicles not being available due to high prices, new vehicles not being available because of the Corvid situation and component supply chain problems.

As we all know with the developments on the Ukraine situation and the resulting costs in fuel prices etc will have an effect on the traffic data.  Watch this space as they say!  

One area of concern to us is, Private HGV vehicles over 3.5 tons gross, that include our vehicles, horse boxes and motorhomes seem to be split up, they mention horse boxes and motor homes could become exempt, but they do not mention our types of show vehicles. 

The CAZ compliance date has been moved back from 2024 to 2026 by the government to allow more commercial and larger vans to become available. 


An update for the Manchester clean air zone (caz ) by Steve Parker dated 27 September 2021.

As you know I have been involved with the proposed Clean Air Zones in the UK, especially Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone, as it is the largest CAZ outside of London.

After many months of lobbying MP’s umpteen emails, filling in consultation documents, I am pleased to say we have got what we hoped for, it’s not perfect but the best we could expect.

Vehicles registered as Private HGV, have been granted the quote “permanent discount to the Light Goods Vehicle rate of £10 per trip” into the CAZ.  There is a possible problem with vehicles in the M1/M1SP class these are heavy motorhomes and specialist vehicles that have a separate consultation paper out NOW and closes in October. If you are affected by this I would recommend looking this up on TfGM Clean Air site.

One of the restrictions that had been proposed was, to get the discount vehicle owners had to live within the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester, and register with them, and this has been dropped.

I have been asked by members that live within the CAZ would they be charged to drive within the CAZ, and how will this be operated, the answer is YES you will be charged.

TfGM are installing 850 ANPR cameras around the 10 boroughs, clearly that will only cover the roads into the CAZ, but I have been informed that mobile ANPR Cameras will be in operation to monitor vehicles that drive within the CAZ.

The CAZ will be in operation 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The scheme will be operational by 30th May 2022.

Portsmouth is gearing up to bring in their CAZ scheme, due to become operational in November of this year.  Chris Harris has been very active in securing a exemption for PHGV owners for 10 trips per year, they also have to inform them before making the trip so they will not be charged, more bureaucracy but it’s a start, I think that 10 trips per year is unreasonable, if you go to a show for a two of three day event, then that will count as two trips. But the CAZ is much smaller than the Greater Manchester scheme, but will affect people going to and from the Isle of Wight. 

Newcastle are fitting their ANPR cameras so their scheme will be up and running next year.  It is still possible to email the Newcastle and Gateshead councils (at the time of writing this 27/09/21) as they have not yet submitted their final proposal to Government. 

I need members in areas were CAZ schemes are due to come in place to contact me so we can get on the case and hopefully get some discounts or exemptions for PHGV.  We have got the discount mentioned above by local knowledge, I need local members with that knowledge, and especially if that area has consultation opportunities open.

As many of you will know vehicles registered as Historic are exempt, but be sure this exemption was only granted by the years of hard work put in by the FBHVC.  There is a big hole between 40 year old vehicles and vehicles that are Euro 6 compliant (these vehicles are usually 2016 onwards) so are too young to be ‘classic’ vehicles.

The injustice being that Private HGV are classed as commercial vehicles when we are not.

Please contact me on the email below so we can get on the case of your local MP’s, and scheme manager’s to try to get PHGV discounted.  If we don’t ask we will not get recognised, it’s up to us to get involved with the scheme planners. 

Many Thanks

Steve Parker

Emails to


Clean Air Zones by Steve Parker.

Many of our UK members may not be fully aware of the emission laws being introduced over the next couple of years in towns and cities throughout the country. Many should have been in force already, but have been delayed by Covid-19. Currently, they mainly affect diesel engined vehicles but petrol and LPG vehicles may come under the regulations later. There are 60 schemes being considered.

I live 1.5 miles outside of Greater Manchester. In Spring of 2022, as things stand at the moment, it will cost me £60.00 per DAY to drive my RB44 into Rochdale, Greater Manchester to access the motorway to go to shows etc. – a distance of 5 miles.  Greater Manchester is just one of several areas to introduce the emission laws in the next couple of years and is the biggest scheme outside London.

At the moment there is no distinction between a private HGV and a commercial HGV. As it stands at the moment the “charge” as they call, it is the same for a vehicle over 3.5 tons gross and a 44-ton truck being in the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) all day. For a LGV, up to 3.5 tons gross, the charge for these vehicles is £10.00 per day.   (The charges have recently changed).

Other schemes have different charges, Leeds and Birmingham LGV is £10 and HGV is £50.00. Both of these cities have different exemptions.  Each city has been given a directive to enforce the emission laws, but they are all doing their own regulations.

There are 4 different levels of schemes, A B C and D. Most authorities are being instructed to enforce C or D. Category D is virtually everything before Euro 6 Diesels and Euro 3 petrol engines including cars and they have the authority to include motorbikes!  Birmingham is category D; Bristol has proposed two schemes they include both C and D categories depending on location within the city.

In recent weeks Leeds have cancelled their scheme, as the air quality has improved with the Covid crisis, and the Government has withdrawn the funding.

I have emailed CleanAirGM, at this moment they are still in there consulting stage. This ends on the 3rd of December 2020. Several other cities are also in consultancy stage. 

Bristol and Birmingham were due to have their schemes in place by July of this year, have now been put back to next year. On their website they seem to have a bit more clarity, (click onto exemptions, and follow the link and it takes you to a Government website that says exemptions), it says “historic vehicles i.e. over 40 years old are exempt”. There is a section on private vehicles that indicates these too could be exempt provided they cannot carry a commercial load. When I try my vehicle registration number in the vehicle checker I will be charged. At the moment there is no classification between commercial HGV and private HGV. 

Many UK members will be affected by these measures. It seems to me and other Club members in our area of the MVT, that the only way we can get our voice heard is to email or phone the local CleanAir schemes to lobby them into seeing some sense in that there is a marked difference between a low annual mileage private vehicles (I do about 1500 to 2000 miles per year) and a 44 ton truck that is on the road every day used commercially.

In the Framework document the authorities have to use to set up the CAZ, there is no mention of private HGV.

The MVT is mounting a campaign to fight for our hobby and the right to continue to be able to use our Classic Vehicles without the crippling clean air zone charges that are proposed. The MVT has put together a letter for each member to print out, sign and post to their local MP and local council. It explains our objections to these schemes, which will make it impossible for us to carry on enjoying our vehicles, preserving our Armed Forces’ vehicle history and educating the public and young people of this country about what their fathers, grandfathers and other relatives did in war time, to keep us free and able to enjoy our hobby today.

Please click on the link to download or print out a copy of the letter for you to send to your MP and Local Councillors MVT Campaign letter.

Please email your local MP and councillors to have our voice heard.

So far, I have emailed 35 MPs about this, on behalf of the MVT, but strict Parliamentary rules state that an MP can only respond to a person that lives within their constituency, so you must include your address when writing to your MP.

My vehicle is registered as a Private HGV, MOT tested as a dual-purpose vehicle and has a class 7 MOT, i.e. not HGV plated, and it is fitted with original rear seats. As a private HGV, I am not allowed to carry a load for hire or reward.  The specialist insurance backs this up.

These schemes are being brought in over three stages, 2021, 2023 and 2027, (although with the Covid situation these dates have been put back).  With other vehicles being included like for example horse boxes, motorhomes, these may not be in the first round, this includes petrol and LPG engined vehicles.

I hope these comments will make readers aware of these new laws and charges and hopefully we can get some exemptions in place to protect our hobby. If not, the hobby will be decimated.

It’s not just our vehicles that will be affected; many truck and bus enthusiasts will have the same problem, motorhomes over 3.5 tons may be exempt for the moment, but will come in the next phases of the scheme.  How many of our members have motorhomes they tow their Jeeps and Land Rovers etc to shows? The vehicle will be exempt but the motorhome would be charged.

In the time we have been researching the emission legislation, I have been appointed by the MVT to look into this. We have been in touch with the FBHVC and suggested they look at Private HGVs. It would appear they are not going down this route, they are looking to get historic vehicle status reduced from 40 years old to 30 years old. If they are able to get this through it would be great for a great deal of members, but no use to members with younger vehicles. 

This is the first stage of the emission regulations. It’s no doubt the thin edge of the wedge; historic vehicles are exempt for the moment, but I feel the Friends of the Earth movement and the Green movement see us as the enemy and they have a big voice.

We need to raise awareness of this problem as it will have a major impact on our hobby. We need to shout loud, and lobby local MPs and councillors.


We have had some positive response from Greater Manchester CAZ. They have recognised private HGV vehicles, and are including in their proposal, to charge private HGV owners will be charged the LGV rate of £10 per day, provided they reside within the Greater Manchester zone, have lived there for over 12 months and that they register with TfGM.

Whilst this is a positive move in the right direction, I have been perusing the private HGV exemption, and on the grounds of discrimination and are going for a national recognition of private HGV.  How can one section of residents be charged the lower rate and people that live just outside the area be charged the full HGV rate?

We have been in touch with other organisations i.e. the Caravan and Motorhome Club, (CAMC) and they have been on this for 5 years, and also the equestrian groups etc. There are many more groups that are going to be affected by this. We think the best way to tackle this is to go for Private HGV exemption.

Please see the link for the letter that we have prepared. If you can download this and send it to your local CAZ scheme and your local MPs, that would be great; now is the time to act, once these schemes have been made into law, they will be very difficult to get altered.

Many thanks

Steve Parker

My email address is  if you need to contact me.