Welcome to the MVT Vehicle Verification Service for ex-military vehicles.

We send an MVT Verification Inspector to visit every vehicle, UK nationwide.

Unlike some services this is not just a desktop report. It is primarily for MVT members and includes a free MEMBER’S BENEFIT (subject to conditions).

For all applicants with ex-military vehicles, we can provide assistance with your application to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency – Gov.UK (DVLA) for:-

1.  Registration of your vehicle – Form V55/5

2. Retrieving an existing registration number – Form V765.

Note:  DVLA will only consider an appeal against a Q plate if applied for within 12 months of the original application.

Please read and follow these instructions below for the best chance of your vehicle being compliant with the regulations and approved by the DVLA for registration.

How does the process work?

You can only apply for a verification inspection if your vehicle is 90% complete, including all major components, running and up to MoT standards.

The DVLA will not register an incomplete or unroadworthy vehicle or a vehicle without a NOVA (see NOVA details in check list below).

If your vehicle is complete and roadworthy then we will require the following information and scanned copies of your original paperwork. We can only accept applications by email.

Send to

Your initial email should be in a letter format, requesting the verification inspection and should include the following wording quote:-

“I freely give this information to the MVT, with the understanding that it will ONLY be used for my vehicle verification application, subject to the Data Protection Act 2018.”

Your data will be held by the MVT for 12 months only and then destroyed.

CHECK LIST for initial email to

Please include:-

1.     Data quote wording as above. (At end of email letter, above the sender’s email signature details)

2.     Your full name (no abbreviations please)

3      Your full contact address.

4.     A contact telephone number and email address for the MVT authorised vehicle Inspector to contact you on.

5.     The address where the vehicle will be inspected, including postcode.

6.     Your MVT membership number. (If applicable).

7.     Vehicle chassis/hull number.

8.     Vehicle engine number.

9.     Please attach or insert, two good quality clear recent photographs of the vehicle as it will be seen by our Inspector.

10.   Please attach or insert one further good quality photograph of the chassis number.

11.   Under all circumstances, applications will need a Notification Of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA) certificate number, from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Please apply online at to get your vehicle’s NOVA. (If the vehicle has recently been imported this may be with your import agent’s paperwork and it shows customs duties have been paid. If so, please scan and attach to your application).

12.   Do not send the verification service fee at this time.

Notes: Please also provide as much additional information as possible including the history of the vehicle and any relevant scanned   copies of proof of ownership, documents, sales receipts etc. This may help with confirmation of verification / dating of the vehicle. The more the better.                                        



Note 1

Our vehicle Inspectors are all unpaid volunteers and long serving members of the MVT, many with professional vehicle inspection qualifications. They are authorised and appointed by the MVT verification officer. They travel to inspect your vehicle in their own time and only ask you to pay a fixed rate of 45p per mile (annually reviewed by CoM) towards their travelling expenses from their home address to your site and return. We have Inspectors throughout the UK and one should never be too far away from you. They will contact you and agree a price for the inspection. Please pay the Inspector at the time of the inspection.

Note 2

The main aim of the MVT verification service is to help the ordinary member to get their vehicle verified. As a benefit for continuous membership we offer one free verification per membership year, subject to conditions. In circumstances where a member in any membership year has already applied for two verifications, the MVT considers you as becoming a commercial business, hence the increased fees of a commercial business application.

Note 3

For commercial businesses and non MVT members, a verification fee of £162.00 (Inc. vat @20%) per vehicle will be charged for verification services plus the Inspector’s costs. A vat invoice is issued for the inspection fee. Many of our members own ex military vehicles and may be your customers. The MVT wishes to further our core values of keeping our member’s ex military vehicle veterans running, and promoting the conservation of those vehicles into the future. So, please consider the mutually helpful situation for your business by advertising with our magazine ‘Windscreen’ or on MVT Facebook pages, it may indirectly help your business and your reputation.

For advertising in the windscreen magazine contact:-      

For advertising on the MVT’s Facebook pages please contact:-

And for donations, sponsorships or to bequeath something in your will contact our treasurer at:-

Note 4

Volunteers for the role of an MVT Verification Inspector are always needed. If you would like to volunteer to be a verification inspector and are an MVT member with suitable experience or qualifications, please contact the verification officer by email at  for consideration to be put on our vehicle inspectors register.

How to pay?

The verification officer on receipt of your application by email will confirm receipt by return and issue an MVT Verification Application Number (VAN number). On receipt of this please pay for the MVT service as applicable, via PAYPAL only. As soon as we have confirmed payment, we will then arrange for our MVT Inspector to contact you to agree a mutually suitable time for the inspection.

Please send payment of the verification fee via PAYPAL to:  

Sign up to PayPal at

Please quote the ‘VAN number’ as the PAYPAL reference as this number tracks your application and we can tell who has paid what.

What happens next?

Payments are non returnable so please ensure your vehicle is in a ready condition for verification inspection. Your nearest local MVT authorised Inspector will check the vehicle, to confirm it is as described in the application – that it is 90% complete and roadworthy including chassis and engine numbers as stated and up to MoT standard. Please note the Inspector will pre advise you of their fee at the MVT fixed price of 45p per mile, there and back again from their address.

Once the vehicle has been checked the Inspector will send their report back to the MVT verification officer. After consideration, providing the vehicle has been verified as genuine and no issues / problems have been found, we will issue a formal letter for YOU to present to the DVLA in support of your registration application. If issues and problems are found you will be sent a copy of the inspector’s report with recommendations and any further inspection will need a new inspection and associated costs, so please ensure your vehicle is ready for inspection.

Please note: The DVLA at Swansea reserves the right to have your vehicle inspected by their own contractors at your premises.

If you have any queries please email to Richard Adams at  providing as much information as possible.