20 December 2019

Armour in the Dales 2020

Catterick Garrison North Yorkshire.

The North East Military Vehicle Club is inviting owners of all kinds of Armour to register their interest in the second Armour in the Dales event at the Offroad Training area of Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire on the second Bank Holiday weekend (22nd – 25th) May 2020.

Armoured vehicles of all ages, sizes, tracked or wheeled are welcome to attend. There may be the opportunity for a limited number non armoured vehicles, weighing 4 tons or over, being able to participate.

This event is organised purely for the benefit of vehicle owners and is not open to the public. This gives everyone the chance to drive their vehicles in a way that they may not have had the opportunity to do so before and learn from this experience.

Due to the costs of getting vehicles to the site the donation fees have been kept to a minimum but will allow charitable donations to be made to H4H and the RBL.

The donations are £40 for owners/drivers of the vehicle for the weekend and £30 for each crew member. Camping is free but there will be a charge for caravans of £10 per night (this is Landmarc’s fee).

To register your interest please email armour1945@gmail.com

13 November 2019

The Firearms Regulations 2019 to impact on ownership of deactivated weapons.

If you own deactivated weapons for your vehicle(s) and/or militaria collection, then you will need to read and understand the latest legislation that comes in to force on the 12th of December 2019 and act accordingly. If you follow the link you will find the full details of how it will affect continued ownership of deactivated weapons and if you decide to buy, sell or gift deactivated weapons. In essence owners of such weapons will have until the 14th of March 2021 to register their weapons to the appropriate national authority.

The Firearms Regulations 2019.

Much to the surprise of everyone the ‘Firearms Regulations 2019’ was passed in Parliament on the 31st of October.

So what does it mean, and what are the implications? The short answer is that all deactivated firearms must be registered with the appropriate authority by the 14th of March 2021. However there are a few caveats as to how and when you came to possess a deactivated firearm as to when action should be taken to register it.

Any deactivated firearm bought, sold, gifted, transferred after the 12th of December 2019 must be registered before the transfer or as soon as is practical after the transaction. The notification to the appropriate authority must include make, calibre, brand, country of manufacture and serial number. It must also include name and address of the supplier along with the new owner’s details must also be stated, it is the responsibility of the seller/donor, but you will be seen as committing an offence if the seller/donor doesn’t register the transfer and you haven’t notified the authorities.

However if deactivated firearms came into your possession before the 14th of September 2018 then you have until the 14th March 2021 to register those deactivated firearms.

What is not mentioned in the Firearms Regulations 2019 is what if a deactivated firearm came into your possession in the interim period between the 18th of September 2018 and the 12th of December 2019. How this would be dealt with will be at the discretion of the authorities around the country. Reading the regulations it must be taken that they are not afforded the transition grace period of those acquired prior to September 2018 and therefore must be included with those acquired after the 12th of December, which means they need to be registered as soon as is practical.

The Regulation states that in England, Scotland and Wales the appropriate authority to register with is the Secretary of State. In Northern Ireland it is the Department of Justice, but no addresses have been advised to send your notification to.

The penalty for not registering is a fine not exceeding Level One on the standard scale which currently is up to £200 per offense i.e. for each deactivated firearm in your possession. However there is no mention of what will become of the deactivated firearm(s) if you are found to have committed an offence.

Do not forget that the ‘Firearm Regulations 2019’ does not replace existing legislation it is in addition to, so all deactivated firearms being sold, gifted or transferred must be deactivated to the latest EU specifications.

This summary is meant as a guide to the regulations and is for your information, but ultimately it is your responsibility as an owner of deactivated firearms to understand and comply with the legislation.

Follow the link for the full regulations: click here for them

23 April 2019

The MVT Council of Management have today released a public information sign, in accordance with the updated MVT code of conduct January 2019 17.8.

MVT members may print it and display it next to their vehicle or exhibits so as to forewarn the public of the sometimes graphic nature of war and the exhibits of war.This sign should NOT be altered without the express written permission of the MVT CoM.

A downloadable and printable copy can be obtained by emailing the MVT at  website@mvt.org.uk

16 April 2019

The MVT are delighted to announce that internationally acclaimed and award-winning historian, writer, and broadcaster JAMES HOLLAND, is our new Patron.

James, a best-selling author of both historical fiction and non-fiction, has presented and written a large number of television programmes and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

On accepting our invitation, James said “I’m extremely flattered, particularly as I’ve long admired what you do.  In short, it would be an honour and a privilege.”

We look forward to working with him as we continue to promote the MVT as the charity dedicated to keeping our mechanical veterans alive.

To find out more about James Holland, go to www.griffonmerlin.com or find him on Twitter @James1940.

12 April 2019

Well good news for our members today as by popular choice and great demand the New online MVT Members Club Shop was relaunched today.

To mark this event we have some great summer special offers to be had so click here and get yourself some of the new merchandise.

09 April 2019

Well its that time of year again and on Sunday 7 April the MVT held its AGM at the Coventry Transport Museum in Coventry.

The meeting was opened and chaired by one of our vice presidents Michael Burne.

Big news from the CoM was that we now have a new patron in the form of James Holland  the historian and TV presenter.

Another announcement from the CoM was that we have a new Social Media Manager Will Holmes who will be heading up the MVT’s new Facebook presence and other social media platforms.

More good news from the CoM was the return of the club shop, the club shop will be returning this week in the form of an on line shop run for the MVT by our partner company.This will stock a range of bespoke clothing carrying the MVT logo, metal badges and clothe MVT badges are still available from the MVT publicity trailer at most major shows.

Awards and Trophies for this year were presented to;

1. Warwick Offredi Award is presented to the Area  which has excelled during the year and this year it was presented

    to Mid Lancashire Area.

2. Wilkinson Sword is presented to the owner of the best restored WW2 Allied military vehicle that has traveled the

    greatest distance under its own power to shows, rallies and other events in the UK. This year it went to Chris

    Morter for traveling 1608 miles in his Humber Box.

3. The John West Memorial Trophy is presented by the Chairman and he awarded it to Bob Lawson for his work

    ensuring the MVT is fully compliant with the new data protection regulations.

4. The Editor’s Cup is presented by the Editor of Windscreen, Ian Young, and he awarded it to Alan Rawsterne, Area

    Secretary for the West Pennines Area, based on Alan providing a great many articles featuring the work of

    members within the hobby, various news items and is always on time with his Area Reports.

12 March 2019

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs press release on how Brexit may effect you if you take your vehicle out of the U.K. after March 29th. Please read and act accordingly, better safe than sorry!

12 February 2019

Meet and Greet at Stoneleigh.

Twelve of our hard working Area Secretaries met up on February 3rd at Stoneleigh Militaria for lunch and a chat outside the MVT Publicity Trailer. It was great to hear from so many areas about how members are enjoying events all over the country. We also listened about the challenges faced by area secretaries and the Council of Management will be discussing how we can support areas in the future. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out.

Boyan Holmes (Area Liaison Officer)

25January 2019

The safety Training day for 2019 has now been confirmed as the 24th March. It will be held at Pheonix House at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. This is the main centre for ex-service peoples rehabilitation in the North of England, run by Help for Heroes. We will be hosted in the recovery centre with a number of training rooms. The Fire Crew from RAF Leeming will be coming over to conduct fire training, there will be Marshaling and hopefully radio skills and first aid training as well.The timings will be 10:00 – 16:00 and the canteen will be open for us, for a very good rate.There will also be the option of a tour of the centre and a tour around the tank training facilities, which as you might imagine are quite big.

If you would like to attend or know more about it please contact Tim Hawkes who is the MVT safety officer by email safety@hp297.hostpapa.com/~mvtor418.

22 January 2019

Important Changes to Membership Services, our New Sentinel membership system goes live today!

We have updated our Membership Services to include many new improvements which will make joining and renewing much quicker and easier and will keep us compliant with all data protection and financial security legislation.

  • Members are now able to join or renew by PayPal, credit or debit card or by setting up a direct debit, and sign up to “Gift Aid” either using the new “Sentinel” portal on our website or our new telephone helpline which is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (0333 321 8977). Please help us keep costs down by using the online portal where possible.

  • Using “Sentinel”, members will be able to create online accounts where they check and update data we hold and also make secure payments

  • Unfortunately we cannot continue to accept payment by cheque, as it is cost prohibitive, but members can now pay over the phone.

  • A much-improved regime of communications has been introduced; Members will now receive welcome letter and receipt of payment, followed by their card(s) a few days later, then a reminder 6 weeks prior to expiry date and an expiry notice if membership lapse.

  • Joint members’ minimum age is now 13 (but PPLI does not apply until 16 years of age) and single members minimum age is now 16; we hope this will encourage more young people to join us

  • Our new phone line also offers the option of contacting different members of the MVT Council of Management

14 January 2019

Notice of the Military Vehicle Trust Annual General Meeting.

Notice is hereby given of the Military Vehicle Trust Annual General Meeting AGM, to be held at 1:00 pm on Sunday 7th April 2019 at the Coventry Transport Museum, 16 Hales Street, Coventry CV1 1JD.

All members must produce their valid current membership card to gain entry.

09 January 2019

Robert U’ren from the Devon area MVT sent in this article about Jeep brake linings.

Hooray at last Good Brakes available for willys / hotchkiss jeeps.

The jeep brake shoes / linings supplied these days don’t stop as well as the originals did in the war.The repro lining material is designed for modern braking systems with servo or power assistance, a jeep hasn’t got a servo booster and the brake lining material doesn’t get enough force to grip against the drums, you have to push very hard on the foot pedal to give extra force , this stresses the cylinder seals and your knee joints. Back in the war years the jeeps would stop really well due to the high friction asbestos linings designed to go in these un boosted low pressure jeep brake systems. The way to get good sharp brakes on your jeep nowadays is to have the old shoes re lined with Mintex competition brake linings,this is relatively cheap to do, and you can send the shoes off and get them back in a few days. Now I have a jeep fitted with RF 32 mintex linings, from now on I will be fitting Mintex linings on any Jeep I refurbish so It should stop very well. Also I am not a fan of bonded linings on classic car shoes without the backup of some rivets should the linings come loose, you can contact Mintex direct on 01706363930 or 07889653595.

Thanks Robert very informative for Jeep owners, anyone else out there got any good tips for restoration, send them in ?

06 January 2019

Robert U’ren from the Devon area MVT sent in this article entitled two Old men and some hats.

I am sending in this picture of myself and Nigel Laws from North Devon who dug up an American soldiers Helmet when doing a building job in a garden of a large house on the edge of Woolacombe sands in preparation for a hot tub, this was in June 2017. The digger struck the helmet but stopped as soon as he saw the chrome rim, they also found a couple of American bottles. He brought the Helmet to show me when I told him about the American soldiers Helmet that was left on the barn wall at our farm in 1945. My Grandfather purchased the farm near Slapton Sands after the Americans Had finished using it for the D Day preparation training.My grandmother used the old rusty helmet regularly for fetching in the eggs, I took possession of it 42 years ago when I was 13 and promptly painted it the wrong colour green and hung it on the wall in the tractor shed.Nigel thinks there are many artifacts still buried around Woolacombe and the surrounding area as this was also used as a training area for D day by the Americans.

21 December 2018

Peter Clarke from the South East Midlands area of the MVT has emailed the MVT News to let everyone know that the

the South East Midlands area’s famous Roger’s Road run will be held on Sunday, January 20, starting at the Red Lion truck stop on the A45 near Upper Heyford, NN7 4DE, at 10:45-ish. This is a new start venue for us and it is just down the hill from M1 Junction 16 between the village of Upper Heyford and Harpole. Please note the Red Lion does not
open until, 10:00 am, but that gives you 45 minutes for your full English! There is a low bridge en route with a height
restriction of 11ft 3ins.Roger promises a long and winding road with a late lunch at the end of it . We’d be delighted if you could join us!

Sounds great hope the weather is good and not too cold.