As chairman of the MVT I provide leadership of the Council of Management team which looks after the running of the MVT. I help the team realise and implement changes that we need to make for the smooth operation of the club for the benefit of all members.

I am responsible for guiding the forward planning of the MVT to keep it the thriving club that it is in to the future. I deal with keeping the Trust up to date regarding changes in regulations

governing all aspects of running the MVT. With the input and help of the management committee, I hope we can continue to be the world’s largest military vehicle club.

Simon Johnson the MV enthusiast.

My interest in MV’s goes back many years but started to take a hold after on my honeymoon I took Nina on a tour of the D-day beaches. She should have realised then something was afoot. 1992 saw me buy my first military vehicle to take my father and father in-law back to Normandy for the 50th anniversary of D-day and to the beaches they had landed on. Sadly, both veterans are no longer with us but we still have the Jeep and the memories. Since then, I have had a 13 cab CMP LAAT 3 tonner, great truck but just too expensive to run. I have a James ML, two Jeep trailers, one US and one British, and most recently I have bought a 1968 M715 five quarter ton Kaiser Jeep.