I’m responsible for your Online Sales and Wanted adverts together with your Event listings. Our hobby means that we are always looking for kit.The MVT offer a perfect way to buy and sell using the free  website. All you need to do is complete an electronic “Online Contact Form” found under the Contact the MVT tab on our website homepage. Simply fill in your details making sure that all the mandatory fields are completed. Remember that a photograph says a thousand words so will help you buy or sell your item quickly. Also if you have an Event that you want to advertise then simply complete the same contact form but tick the Non MVT Events Diary box. You don’t have to wait until spring to get you events advertised, why not get the details on our website early and relax. Remember that everything that goes onto the website will also appear in our quarterly Windscreen Magazine to further increase the audience for your Sales/Wanted or Event listings.

Why I am a military vehicle enthusiast.

I’ve hankered after a Military Vehicle of my own for many years before taking the plunge. My first MV was a NEKAF M38-A1 which was a great drive and bought at the perfect time when my kids’ thought it was cool to jump in it and get an ice cream. I currently own a Wartime Willys MB Jeep and a 1940 BSA WM20. I’m still tempted to get something bigger or armoured but my suburban garage is already bursting at the seams! One day….