As Membership Secretary, I deal with telephone and email inquiries about joining and renewing your MVT subscriptions and any other queries that our members have. I also liaise with our database managers and card providers to ensure our membership systems run smoothly. However, the most enjoyable aspect of my role, involves getting out to meet our members and promote the MVT.  
My role as Area Liaison Officer involves communicating with our national network of areas via our hardworking Area Secretaries to help them in their work representing the Trust at a local level.

If you need help joining the MVT or with anything related to your membership please email me or telephone me.

I have enjoyed being a military vehicle owner and re-enactor for nearly 20 years. We have a Willys Jeep, Daimler Dingo and Matchless G3L in our family collection which is inspired by my husband’s uncle who served in Phantom GHQ Liaison Regiment in WW2. In addition to taking our display to events up and down the country, we also enjoy local area MVT events and I am also part of a pyrotechnic team which provides special effects for battles.